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INS is committed to the development of various eHealth technologies to support quality healthcare for improved health and wellbeing.

LifeGuard Intuito®

LifeGuard Intuito® is a comprehensive Mobile Health Care Management System designed to address the challenges of organisations providing in-home care. LifeGuard Intuito® is a unique, remote telemedicine, care practice and personal response tool that enables delivery of rosters to Community Care workers on a mobile device allowing them to view and record progress notes, forms, wound care photos and clinical measurements, achieving a comprehensive electronic record system.

Moreover, LifeGuard Intuito® supports the Community Care practice's duty of care to staff by providing Mobile Personal Alarm functionality. For Care Coordinators, it provides a staff location function to assist in work allocation as well as access to web-based electronic time sheets and various business reports. Click here to learn more.

LifeGuard SmartHome TeleHealth System

The LifeGuard SmartHome is a unique, patented system that puts Personal Emergency Response, TeleHealth, Home Automation and more right at your fingertips. It consists of a purpose-built computer tablet and a custom dock that sends and receives signals to and from transmitters and medical devices. Data is sent to a Nurse in our Emergency Response Centre for monitoring.

It can provide home automation functions, home assistive technologies like our new My Concierge feature, and access to the internet, social media, email, Skype and YouTube, and so much more. There is even a Kiosk version for use in group settings. Click here to learn more.