Health Provider Referrals

Why refer your clients to INS LifeGuard for a Personal Response System?

All calls are answered by qualified and experienced nurses - that's exclusive to INS LifeGuard!

A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) from INS LifeGuard involves three components: a console unit, a small radio transmitter, and monitoring provided by our emergency response centre, which is staffed exclusively by experienced Nurses.

When emergency help is needed, the PERS user simply presses the transmitter’s “Help” button, sending a radio signal to the console. The console unit is activated immediately and automatically sends an alarm through to our emergency response centre. Within seconds one of our experienced Nurses receives the signal and can instantly identify the person and review their medical history. They’ll determine the nature of the emergency and take appropriate action right away.

Is there really a difference between one provider and another?

The fact is, there’s a big difference between INS LifeGuard and other providers. INS is a health care provider. We’ve been providing community nursing services since 1984. That’s why our Call Centre is staffed by highly qualified and experienced Nurses, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know of no other company who can make that claim. Our experience and knowledge in the field have enabled us to structure our systems around your clients’ needs.

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