INS LifeGuard and a major Retirement Village Operator put the National Broadband Network (NBN) through its paces

When a new retirement village development was being planned by a major village management organisation in Victoria, they wanted to ensure they provided their residents with the latest in communication services including access to the NBN as well as superior TeleCare and Emergency Response services provided through their preferred provider, INS LifeGuard.

There were many technical issues that may have prevented the use of a TeleCare and Emergency Response System in the village and it was extremely important to the Village Operator to support the resident's safety and wellbeing.

Fortunately with INS LifeGuard as their preferred provider who, after much planning with NBN Co and Next Gen Networks, successfully tested its equipment and services as the new village location. Following the testing, Claude Rafin, Managing Director of The INS Group, said, "We are very pleased that the hard work has resulted in the successful testing of the technologies we use over the NBN. As this was the first new village site to test our TeleCare Equipment, I am delighted that the village operators and their residents can now access the many benefits of the NBN whilst still maintaining the vital security of their TeleCare and Emergency Response systems."

He added, "Whilst there was much concern in the industry about the NBN's ability to support Emergency Response and TeleCare technologies, village operators can be confident of providing enhanced services to their residents thanks to the work done here. I thank the village management involved, as well as NBN Co and Next Gen for their assistance."