Thank Goodness for Nurses!

August 1, 2019

On April 10th, Mrs SB did not want to go to hospital but her husband pressed her emergency call button, sending an alarm to one of the INS LifeGuard nurses who are stationed 24/7 to receive duress calls from retirement village residents.

The INS nurse professionally assessed the situation and determined that Mrs SB required emergency intervention. She was very resistant to this, however, the nurse spent time convincing and coaching her to agree for INS to arrange the ambulance as soon as possible. 

The INS nurse helped ensure a rapid ambulance response, passing on her observations and Mrs SB’s medical information. This proved critical as Mrs SB had a massive heart attack while ambulance officers were in attendance and they spent an hour stabilising her before transferring her to ICU. Mrs SB is now back in her village home recovering. The attending officers commented that the outcome would have been very different had they not been in attendance.

No other village emergency system has committed to provide highly qualified and experienced nurses and other health care professionals, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Which is why INS is the first choice for over 30,000 retirement village residents throughout Australia and New Zealand.

An Australian company with over 30 years village experience, INS will support you to build the optimum emergency support system which your residents will deeply value.

Excerpt from a story first shared in The Weekly SOURCE, July 31, 2019 Edition 645.

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