BaptistCare’s CareCall Emergency Response Service to Join The INS Group

December 4, 2019

We are delighted to announce that BaptistCare’s CareCall operation is being incorporated into The INS Group.

CareCall provides a full range of personal safety products and services to help older people live independently and safely in their own homes. Within the next few weeks, BaptistCare CareCall will become INS CareCall, a division of The INS Group.

BaptistCare and The INS Group are delighted with the move, which will result in CareCall’s customers being actively monitored by INS LifeGuard’s Emergency Response Centres. This will mean that CareCall’s customers will immediately have access to the benefits of INS LifeGuard’s unique health services, including 24/7 emergency alarm monitoring by qualified health care professionals, chat lines, health information and support, and access to a host of other products and services available through INS LifeGuard.

The INS Group is committed to building upon CareCall’s reputation and principles to add value to all CareCall customers.

The acquisition of CareCall will allow The INS Group to position INS LifeGuard and INS CareCall to focus on their respective core strengths. INS LifeGuard will be responsible for distribution and services relating to its next-generation LifeGuard SmartHome products, health services and ecosystem. INS CareCall will be the vehicle responsible for the supply of all other hardware, including Chiptech, SmartLink, SmartCaller and the LifeGuard L-Series diallers.

All equipment will be monitored by INS LifeGuard’s Emergency Response Centres, with the same unique qualities which INS LifeGuard has been known for since 1984.

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