Environmental & Sustainability Progress

December 4, 2019

Solar Power and EV Charging

In our last newsletter, we detailed additions to our environmental sustainability program.

We are pleased to say that the installation of our Solar Power Plant has already been completed, as you can see in the picture above. The results have so far exceeded expectations, with the production of clean energy exceeding 95% of previous consumption. We expect that whilst already impressive, this will continue to increase over time.

The first of our AURA charging stations supplied by Evolution for our EV fleet has also been installed and is already being put to good use, as you can see below.

Josh Rafin, INS Operations Manager, charging a car for Matthew Hystek.

Client and Carer Data

In our last newsletter, we also detailed our commitment to electronically collecting client data, moving away from paper-based client information in the future. Over the next couple of months, our staff will reach out to care providers and village managers to assist with this transition.

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