Medical Supplies Organised for Affected Wildlife During the Bushfire Crisis

March 10, 2020

Watching the recent bushfire crisis unfold was devastating for all Australians.

The impact it had on people’s lives was terrible, and the environmental damage was truly hard to comprehend.

One of our team leaders, Ben, and his wife Kelly, both nurses, decided to do something to help.

Ben said, “Knowing people were raising money was great, but there was no immediate relief for all the wildlife affected. So Kelly reached out to friends and previous employers for any assistance with wound and burn care products. A couple of boxes soon turned into five pallets of supplies. She then contacted a few organisations that received no funding and were taking in animals without the equipment or knowledge to properly care for them.”

“We had no way of getting the products to the people that needed them, so we asked Claude and Josh Rafin of The INS Group whether we could borrow the work van. They were more than happy to help out, so we loaded up the van and distributed the products to the affected areas.”

“In doing so, we witnessed the devastation first-hand, including orphaned and injured wildlife. We met with teams of vet nurses from New Zealand and Germany, who were also assisting. Kelly’s knowledge proved invaluable, as this is not something your local vet deals with on a daily basis. The generosity shown has been incredibly heart-warming. Another six pallets arrived, sent directly from a wound care company in Germany after their CEO saw Kelly’s post, which was shared extensively on social media. In total, over 20 pallets of products were collected and distributed to the affected areas.”

During this terrible crisis, everyday Australians pitched in to help and/or donated generously. Thanks, Ben and Kelly, for your efforts to help our precious wildlife.

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