Aged Care Nurse Call Systems

INS can supply and install a comprehensive solution to aged care facilities allowing on-site monitoring by your nursing staff using a hosted platform. With INS hosting the critical infrastructure you can relax knowing that any issues, updates and support can be easily provided by INS at any time.

Customised for Your Organisation

We can provide a custom proposal for your organisation that can include such things as:

  • LifeGuard SmartHome units supplied to each bedroom and in common areas
  • Fall sensor for each patient
  • Call points near shower and toilet
  • Pressure mat (patient exit alarm) that can also turn on a lamp
  • WiFi video/PIR for motion detection
  • Monitoring handsets or tablets for each nursing staff member (to receive notifications of alarms, respond via audio/video from their current location, escalate to next staff/ward on no acceptance, automatic logging alarm acceptance, and adding of any alarm notes.

The LifeGuard SmartHome units in patient rooms will:

  • Allow patients to make HELP calls
  • Monitor call buttons, fall sensors and other transmitters
  • Automate turning on lamps on bed exit
  • Allow audio/video calls with nursing staff
  • Allow provision of telephone and internet services to patients
  • Allow automated vital sign logging (requires Bluetooth devices for automatic collection, or nursing staff can manually enter readings)

Our servers have in-built redundancies, meaning that if the nurses’ handsets are SIM card equipped and the SmartHome units have their own network backup path, then on-site terminal infrastructure can be made not critical.

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