Customised Response Centre Services

A total solution to Manage Response Centre or After Hours Calls

LifeGuard’s technologies and innovations in call centre operations have enabled us to provide customised call centre operations to the health and home care market as well as niche markets, including:

  • Lift and Escalator response centre services
  • After hour’s locum services
  • Occupational Health Solutions, and
  • Managing after hour calls for various Community Based Groups.

The INS Group has worked in mainstream inbound service areas for Corporate and Government clients since 1984. Small or medium-size enterprises can benefit from a flexible tailored service that can evolve with your business. Our commitment is to deliver a high quality service 24/7. All calls will be answered in your company’s name.

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LifeGuard Lift Services can provide a total solution for Lift Car Manufacturers, Building Managers and Designers.

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