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Your LifeGuard SmartHome emergency response system can also provide optional services to help you maintain participation in family, community and social spheres.

Telephone Service

Calls to or from INS LifeGuard are always free. The LifeGuard SmartHome IPD can also be used as your standard home telephone. Simply add our optional SIP Telephone Service for a low monthly fee and you can make low cost local, national and international calls.*

You can store your favourite contacts to call them with just one touch. The service can also be shared across the LifeGuard SmartHome IPD, the LifeGuard Mobile and the LifeGuard SmartWatch as well.

You can even keep your current phone number and transfer it to this service.

Costs dependent upon connection type and subject to change. Not available in all areas or homes.
†  Charge to port current phone number varies by provider and is on application.

Internet Browsing

The LifeGuard SmartHome can be used for basic internet browsing and social media applications, such as Facebook, YouTube, Skype and Email. Stay up-to-date with the latest news, listen to your favourite music and much more for a low fee with our managed 3G or 4G M2M mobile service.

Research confirms social isolation can negatively affect both mental and physical health. This service help you stay connected with family and friends, which is especially important for those who may live far away.

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