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Today’s residents in village communities expect the latest in in-home technology. Their families expect more – they expect a duty of care and ease of communication. Operators have to balance these customer expectations with the realities of village management.

We offer In-Home and Mobile Alarm Systems, as well as passive Activity & Safety Monitoring — so there’s no need for additional expensive hardware or new services. INS LifeGuard can do it all!

There’s a big difference between INS LifeGuard and other providers. Our response centre is staffed by highly qualified and experienced nurses and other health care professionals, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know of no other company who can make that claim, and we feel it’s an important distinction. Emergency personnel are engaged quickly if required, and our nurses can not only share personal details, but also medical information that could save a life.

With over 30 years’ experience and now servicing more than 30,000 independent living units across Australia, the LifeGuard SmartHome IPD has evolved to provide a comprehensive solution for Villages and Community Care Organisations. Much more than just a Personal Response System, the LifeGuard SmartHome can also provide TeleHealth Services, a Village Concierge System and a Personal Communication Hub for residents.

The SmartHome Ecosystem includes our Manager and Client Portals, which provide a suite of modules to service residents and their families, including the ability to broadcast information, set concierge services and fees, and draw reports in real time. And our new LifeGuard SmartCarer app lets village and community care managers view or change resident information held by INS, receive alerts, access reports, and more.

The LifeGuard SmartHome IPD is fully compliant with and able to be funded by the federal government’s CDC home care funding packages. This platform enables your residents on a home care package to receive integrated and responsive care while promoting independence and self-management.

Please join us in delivering the best imaginable genuine support services to your residents/clients and their families while future-proofing your village community for telecommunications and care management risk.

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Introducing INS LifeGuard.

Personal Emergency Support

TeleHealth Services

Village Concierge System

Personal Communication Hub

LifeGuard Manager’s Portal

Village Residents Presentation


Check the Power

Check the Antennas

Check SIM Card and APN

Check Network Connectivity and Speed

Reset the System

How it works

In the event of an emergency, press the button on your transmitter, which can be worn on the wrist or as a pendant. (We can also supply a Fall Sensor that automatically triggers an alarm when a fall is detected.)

An alarm is sent to a nurse in our emergency response centre, who has access to your personal details and medical history. The nurse will call out to you over a two-way speaker on your emergency unit. You need not be near the unit to be heard.

The nurse will assess the situation and send whatever help is required – whether that be contacting a family member, neighbour, friend, or emergency services.

If the nurse is unable to make voice contact, an ambulance will be dispatched to your location. No matter what the situation, rest assured help is on the way.

Why choose INS LifeGuard?

  1. INS is a Health Care provider. We are not manufacturers, technicians, security specialists or sales people. Our Call Centre is staffed entirely by highly qualified and experienced Nurses — no one else can offer you that.
  2. We offer a Free Chat Line and Medical Information Service. Residents can call us any time of the day or night for reassurance, health information or support.
  3. Our total care approach. Our proactive approach to health care ensures that the client receives a comprehensive service:
  4. We encourage clients to let us know when they are unwell so our staff can regularly check on them. Better we manage the situation than wait for an emergency! As health carers we believe prevention and planning a better approach to an emergency response is an expectation.
  5. Following an event we track the client through the health system until they are back home secure, and ask them to send through a test alarm for reassurance.
  6. Care coordination – we will provide coordination, feedback and reporting to primary carers, GPs and family where required.
  7. Importantly, we can mitigate the Village’s legal and moral responsibilities and risks and may even assist Villages in their negotiations with their Indemnity Insurance underwriters.
  8. Reporting to on-site Village Staff – immediate or scheduled.
  9. State of the Art redundancies and technologies are utilised within the centre.
  10. Alerts and Reminders can be programmed in and monitored.
  11. Flexible procedures — we always follow your village protocol!
  12. Support of a variety of qualified practitioners and a quality endorsed organisation with proven success across Australia.
  13. $20,000,000 Professional Indemnity and Public Liability cover.
  14. A service which exceeds Australian Standards, offers quality and cost effectiveness and may assist the village in Quality Standard endorsement.
  15. Rental and Monitoring; outright purchase and monitoring of hardware options with or without a full maintenance program; or monitoring of other supplier’s hardware.
  16. Assistance to Villages in complying with OH&S where on site staff may currently “sleep-over” or respond to emergency calls. Industrial legislation and common law place considerable impediments to staff working alone particularly where they work alone at night.
  17. We can even receive and manage Village office calls such as maintenance or after hours’ calls. We will respond to calls from residents with maintenance and other emergency village issues and follow the appropriate village response protocol. This is another example of LifeGuard’s common sense approach to care.

For more information, call 1800 636 040, or email us.

SmartVillage Managed Internet & Voice Networks

INS LifeGuard SmartVillage – a solution for the future

INS LifeGuard can deliver the latest, feature-rich technologies to make your village a 5-star site. We can lay the infrastructure framework to convert your village to I.P. technology and deliver Voice and Internet services via either current site Copper, CAT or Fibre cabling to the residents’ homes; via LifeGuard’s M2M 3G SIM services; or now excitingly we can also use our new wireless WiFi technologies within the village.

These managed services also allow easy conversion of current analogue Medical Alarms in the residents’ homes to our new I.P. based SmartHome technologies, whilst also offering very cost-effective delivery of managed Voice and Internet services throughout the village. These services are known as LifeGuard SmartVillage.

There are two main technology paths to delivering Medical Alarm technologies.

  1. One is Analogue based across PSTN analogue telephone lines. This medium is used extensively around the world for Medical Alarm monitoring. It is cost-effective, simple, resilient and fit for purpose. However, it will require significant policy adjustment, village management resources and cost once the National Broadband Network is deployed to site. For many sites, mission critical equipment such as Medical Alarms may not be compatible with NBN Fibre to the Node installations. LifeGuard SmartVillage managed Internet and Voice services may overcome these issues.
  2. The other technology path is to provide a solution based upon our new I.P. based converged SmartVillage technologies which provide maximum flexibility and significant cost savings over time. We can lay the infrastructure foundation for this to occur and use the new medium across our secure managed links to deliver I.P. based Medical Alarm Monitoring, Voice and Internet services to each home, potentially achieving significant savings. INS LifeGuard SmartVillage is also offered on a wholesale basis to Villages who are able to on-sell these services to their residents.

The image to the right is an overview of a solution which can be arrived at leveraging our proposed infrastructure.

For more information, call 1800 636 040, or email us.

You have always been the forerunner in your industry and I see you still continue in that vein. The work that goes into staying at the top of the game in innovation and standards is immense and I wish you and your whole team continued success as you roll out the changes to benefit our residents and their families.

– Susan Malone, Managing Director, IM Group

Some were worried about us here going on to the INS system but I have to tell you it is the best change I have brought in to this village. I get nothing but compliments from the residents about this system. INS are proving to be very professional in their dealings with the residents.

– Elizabeth Charles, Manager, Koorootang Court

INS provides the most important gift that residents of villages could hope for. Security at the press of a button. Peace of mind is ours because we can trust that INS will be there when we neeed it. Not many better gifts available for my wife, family and friends. Give me INS.

– Clem Dickinson, Resident’s Committee, Burwood Terrace

The committee recorded its deep satisfaction of the service. The majority of our residents have experienced both the original system and that of INS and hardly a day passes without impromptu recognition of the excellence of the INS service, which has exceeded all expectations. Your operators responses to all alarms are executed efficiently and with bounteous courtesy.

– Phillip Kelly, Chairman, Committee of Management,
Village of Williamstown

A quick note to say how well the INS LifeGuard Emergency Response System has been working for us at Links Seaside. The feedback on response, call and situation management, support and follow up checks have been consistently positive. It is reassuring to know that the residents feel such a positive level of support with the INS LifeGuard Emergency Response System

– Nigel Button, Links Seaside Manager

Members who live in villages where this INS LifeGuard service has been adopted have advised their committees that they are very satisfied with the service and response time that they have experienced since changing over.

– Howard Campey, President, Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria Inc.

We selected INS because of the range of value-added clinical support services they offer, their large presence within the industry and their future technology focus. The whole project has been expertly handled by INS this far we would certainly recommend INS as a vendor who provides the ongoing responsiveness you need for these types of critical response systems.

– Keith Merchant, Director of Independent Living and Housing, Uniting Care

Of all the cases that INS has been involved with,
we have not had one complaint in regards to the service. The people have been impressed by the manner of your staff and the friendliness towards our residents.
Their call backs, whether it be one hour or one day, have been greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work.

– Terry Staehr, Manager, North Lakes Retirement Resort

The INS LifeGuard system can alert staff to situations from falls to tap left running. Utilising the INS technology that is built into our Maleny Units. If the hot water is running for more than 20 minutes,
it will send of a signal to the emergency response system. It cuts down the possibility of having to do spot checks and thus maintains the dignity and privacy of the residents.

– Kent Fallon, Development Manager, Live Life Villages

My sincere appreciation goes to the INS LifeGuard organisation. They have been a thoroughly professional company to work with. All levels of staff have been very supportive and helpful. Without their expertise and advice it would have been more difficult. The INS Finance Department provided timely reports and invoices and are always available to follow up on queries or concerns.

– Elaine Kuiters, Project Officer, Uniting Care

Please pass on our appreciation for a job well done.
I am very impressed with follow-up service as well which provides that additional security and peace of mind to our residents. Our thanks to you and the team at INS.

– Sandra Carie, Stockland Retirement Living

May i Take this opportunity of thanking all of you most sincerely for the professional manner in which your organisation has dealt with this village. The standard of care, prompt action and assistance has been exceptional. I would recommend INS to any potential client.

– Tony, Burnside Retirement Village

Mr and Mrs B have spoken very highly of the wonderful treatment they recieved from Ben and the INS LifeGuard Staff. YOu should hear the positive feedback, full of gratitude and appreciation, that our residents do have for you.

– Kay Thoren, Kewarra Retirement Village

Thank you so much for making our lives easier, your team do a wonderful job, we are so lucky to have such a great team caring for our residents.

– Christine Daly, Village Manager, Stockland Retirement Living

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