These managed services allow easy conversion of current analogue Medical Alarms in the resident homes to our new IP-based SmartHome IPD technologies, and can also provide very cost-effective delivery of managed Voice and Internet services throughout the village.

Vodafone M2M SIMs

We offer Vodafone managed M2M Mobile Data SIMs, which can supply a surprisingly low cost internet connection independent of home cabling or telecommunications services.

Telstra M2M SIMs

Telstra managed M2M Mobile Data SIMs are a perfect solution in areas with poor network connectivity – connect to Australia’s largest mobile network, with fewer dropouts and fewer dead spots.

Managed Communications Network

  • We can offer site-wide* WiFi as part of a managed network
  • Convert your village to I.P. technology and deliver voice and internet services to your residents’ homes
  • We can deliver the latest, feature-rich technologies to make your village a 5-star site
  • Customised and tailored specifically to meet your needs

* Subject to site inspection

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