Manager’s Portal

The new LifeGuard Control Panel Manager’s Portal is an innovative, secure intranet site that allows village and community care managers to update the information held by INS LifeGuard, broadcast information to residents/clients, generate reports, provide and manage Concierge Services, provide TeleHealth Services and so much more.

Call 1800 636 226 to request access to the Manager’s Portal. For more information, view or download the flyer below.

INS LifeGuard’s Secure Manager’s Portal

  • Access real-time reports*
  • Update resident / client information*
  • Update village procedures and protocols
  • Manage My Concierge Service requests and fees
  • Set-up tasks and reminders for individuals, groups, or all residents/clients
  • Broadcast messages, newsletters, podcasts and more to individuals, groups, or all residents/clients
  • Issue evacuation alerts in real time

* Subject to primary consent.

Free Service

  • Access real-time reports
  • Update Resident / Client details
  • Update Procedures and Protocols

Premium Service

Includes everything in the Free Service Level, PLUS:

  • My Concierge – automated OR white labelled service
  • Set-up Tasks and Reminders
  • Broadcast Feature
  • Issue Evacuation Alerts in Real Time
  • Set up Super User Accounts

Platinum Service

Includes everything in the Free and Premium Service levels, PLUS:

  • The ability to provide TeleHealth Services – use the existing SmartHome IP Diallers in your clients’ homes and have your own clinical staff provide the services.

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